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In today’s dynamic business environments, you need an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that can help you improve business performance and drive operational excellence from anywhere.

The right ERP solution automates low-value, manual tasks so you can focus on the strategic initiatives that will move your business forward.

Stay up to date, anytime, anywhere.

Powerful invoicing features such as invoice tracking, payment reminders are at your fingertips. What's more is that you can access dozens of reports & manage your expenses. All power packed in one single solution — ioBusiness.

Stay ahead of the game.

At the same time, you must leverage real-time data for predictive insights to improve your decision-making and performance management.

Stay Connected.

ioBusiness also provides modules for marketing & networking with other enterprises over the platform to help you stay connected and boost your sales.

What is ioBusiness?

ioBusiness is a Cloud-based Accounting ERP platform which allows any number of enterprises irrespective of their size or type to operate simultaneously with higher efficiency and data security.

ioBusiness also provides cognitive tools and networking modules to allow users to connect and market over the platform and gain insights into their current and future growth trends.

ioBusiness is the Management Solution under 'io Business Stack'.

io Business Stack is a collection of three business solutions developed simultaneously under Nexart for enterprises of any size or type which include ioBusiness, ioMessenger & ioListings.

While ioBusiness provides a complete Cloud ERP solution for Business Management & Networking, ioMessenger promotes Social Commerce to help create more connections between the customers and business along with providing a platform for Marketing and ioListings helps to promote business updates as well as manage Customer Relations.

Eventhough each product has been developed as a stand-alone entity to function its purpose, they also work collectively to ensure maximum efficiency and growth for enterprises operating with the complete package.


Features that are amazingly easy to use. Create invoices, generate GST reports, connect with other enterprises and do much more.

Cloud Accounting

Access your account, manage your business, and stay organized anytime, anywhere on your computer, mobile or tablet.


Create custom, professional invoices, sales receipts and estimates that you can send in minutes.

Online Banking

With Online banking integration your statements and transactions will automatically be updated.

Accounting Reports

See how your business is performing with instant reports and graphs.

Cash Flow Management

Enter bills from vendors, and pay them only when they are due.

Employee Management

Manage your employees, manage leaves & overtimes and generate payrolls.

Task Management

Create new tasks, manage tasks, assign the task to a user of your business profile as well as keep track of the task until its completion.

Multiple Users

Control your business profile with robust roles & permissions. Invite your employees to access your business profile for seamless collaboration.


Create events, reminders or notices and let other users on the platform stay up-to-date.

Add Ons

Add extra modules & apps to better customize your dashboard according to your needs.


Connect, send inmails to people managing other enterprises on the platform & start networking.


Stay connected to all the admins & users of your business profile anytime, anywhere.

Predictive Insights

Get the most out of cognitive tools to analyse your current and future growth rates through predictive analytics to better regulate cash flows of sales & expenses.


Create new posts, comment, like, follow & unfollow users on the platform as well as market your business through the inbuilt networking platform.


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Great for companies of all sizes and industries.


ioBusiness is currently undergoing its Beta Run. Subscription Plans will be updated shortly with the launch of full version of ioBusiness.

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